Musical Instruments

Webquest for 3rd Grade

Created By: Abeena Baby and Maria Abadir



Music is a talent that certain people have and use to help others become in a better mood and enjoy the sound of music. It is a form of art that contains rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. In this lesson, students will be learning about the different types of musical instruments and create their own favorite instrument as an activity.


  • Listen to a music piece played in class and write a five to six sentence paragraph analyzing the thoughts and emotions you experienced.
  • Pair up with a partner and share your thoughts about the song that you just heard.
  • Pick your favorite musical instrument and state why you like it.
  • Create your own favorite instrument.


1. Listen to a piece of music played by Beethoven called Ode to Joy in class. Then write your thoughts and feelings about the music in five to six sentences. What were some of the instruments used in this piece? Was it a happy or a sad tune? Why? How do you think Beethoven felt when composing this piece? Next, pair up with a partner and share your thoughts about the music.
2. There are many intruments used when composing music. Choose your favorite musicial instrument and create a poster board with pictures, facts, and history of the instrument. Also state why you like this instrument.
3. Using your imagination and creativity, find ways to create your own instrument or your favorite instrument by using props from home and from your everyday living environment (eg. plastic bottle, rocks, papers, plastic cups, rubber bands, popsical sticks, etc.).


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Illinois Learning Standards

State Goal 26: Through creating and performing, understand how works of art are produced.
26.B.4d - Demonstrate knowledge and skills that communicate clear and focused ideas bases on planning research, and problem solving.


  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation- Students were able to use their knowledge and create their own original instruments.
  • Communicate and collaborate- Students were able to communicate with a partner about music and express their thoughts through writing.a3

Assessment pic_2.jpg

Creative, Colorful, Very Organized,
Makes a proper sound,
All of the questions were answered
Mostly colorful
Three questions were answered
Lack of organization,
Contains some color
Two questions were answered
Completely unorganized,
Contains no color
One or no question was answered
4 Tasks Completed
3 Tasks Completed
2 Tasks Completed
1 Task Completed


Now that you know about music and musical instruments, you can use the instruments you created at home. Also, you can research the famous composers before and after Beethoven to learn more about the history of music.