Tornadoes & Hurricanes!!! By: Rachel Scatena & Jaime LaPrairie :)

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Introduction: What are you doing & Why?
Today, you are going to explore a natural phenomena of your choice! (specifically, tornadoes or hurricanes). After you have chosen your topic, you will research to find out how these natural occurences result. This information can be extremely helpful in a windy situation.....

1. Create a scatter plot based off table we will provide through a link.

2. Write a short essay describing what your natural disaster is and what you think will happen by the end of 2010 and why.

1. Choose between tornadoes and hurricanes for your topic.

2. Go to links provided for your topic

3. Collect data and information for the following information:

a) How does your natural disaster occur (be specific in terms of numbers and calculations)?

b) Why does it occur (give the science behind it)?

c) Where are they occurring mostly?

d) How can this information help benefit you if the natural disaster were to occur near you?

4. Go onto microsoft word and create a scatter plot (link to aid you in making a scatter plot below).

a. Use only top 5 months highest averages for your scatter plot

5. Write your essay on how you think 2010 will end in regards to what your scatter plot is showing. Answer the preceding questions from number 3 in your essay.


Hurricanes! ( data for scatter plot) ( fun youtube video )

Tornadoes! ( data for scatter plot ) (fun youtube video )

Help with making the scatter plot!

Illinois Learning Standards

Using Technology

Use appropriate instruments, electronic equipment, computers and networks to access information, process ideas and communicate results.


Express and interpret information and ideas.

Scientists must carefully describe their methods and results to a variety of audiences, including other scientists. This requires precise and complete descriptions and the presentation of conclusions supported by evidence. Young science students develop the powers of observation and description. Older students gain the ability to organize and study data, to determine its meaning, to translate their findings into clear understandable language and to compare their results with those of other investigators.


11.A.3c Collect and record data accurately using consistent measuring and recording techniques and media.

11.A.3e Use data manipulation tools and quantitative (e.g., mean, mode, simple equa­tions) and representational methods (e.g., simulations, image processing) to analyze measurements.

11.B.3f Using available technology, report the relative success of the design based on the test results and criteria.


Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

*Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources. Students:

C. collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions.

Technology Operations and Concepts

*Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. Students:

a. understand and use technology systems

b. select and use applications effectively and productively

Graph is labeled clearly always throughout. Data is portrayed to scale based on information given.
Graph is often labeled clearly throughout. Data is portrayed to scale often based on information given.
Graph is sometimes labeled clearly. Data is portrayed but needs more work.
No effort is present.
Essay & Understanding
Essay shows complete understanding of topic throughout the whole essay with multiple references to supportive information given.
Essay shows some understanding of topic throughout the essay with a few references to supportive information given.
Essay shows minimal understanding and has no references to supportive information.
No effort is present.
Has 2 or less errors in grammar through out entire essay
Has 3-5 grammar mistakes
6 or more grammatical mistakes
No effort is present.
Appropriate Use of Internet
The internet was used in appropriate fashion, and only the websites listed, as well as sites approved by the teacher, were used.
The internet was used appropriately for the most part.
The internet was used inappropriately most of the time.
No effort is present.


Hurricanes and Tornadoes affect millions across the world! It is important to know what they are and how they work to be better prepared if one of these were to occur near you. It is also beneficial to be able to form your own opinoin and predictions based off of statistics in order to become more self-aware of the world you live in! Be proud that you are now becoming an informed citizen :)

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